Sunday, July 24, 2011

black rubber trugs

useful for so many things besides gardening, these trugs can be used as ice buckets, wine coolers, kitchen organizers, watering buckets, market bag for farmstand, laundry bin, kids toy storage, pet bathing, foot soaking, fruit picking basket,clam digging bucket, handyman kit, barbeque tool hold-all, beach tote, and of course for weeding and raking leaves... I have rows of them in my garden shed with potting soil, garden tools, twine, charcoal, etc. but had to buy more to use for entertaining!
made of recycled material. there are 2 sizes available at

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  1. According to The New General Store these are not rubber, they are plastic, and there's a big difference. I have one rubber one; I wish I could remember where I got it. I looked up he brand name, and it's made in Spain, but so far I've not found a US source for it. I have many plastic ones: they're less flexible, not as strong, and rather quickly deteriorate so they become brittle, crack, and split. The rubber one is Fielplast brand and, yes, as the name suggests, it's a rubber/plastic composite.